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Throughout the year, the ISSA hosts employer events to connect companies with students about internship and employment opportunities. 

We will handle: 
Room Reservation
Event Registration
Promotion and Advertisement

Check out our website for more details, and contact Justina Chen (, the 2016-2017 Corporate Relations Chair, with “ISSA Info Session” in the subject line for more details and to discuss an event.

We are always happy to help you host a traditional information session. However, we would like you to consider holding a workshop or tech talk. Having an in-depth workshop or tech talk can help draw in students who are interested in the technologies your company utilizes, and make your information session stand out from the rest. In the past, workshops have also had higher attendance than regular information sessions. The workshop or tech talk would provide students an opportunity to learn about technologies and processes they may not be exposed to in a classroom setting, and to gain a better understanding of what kind of work your company does.

Some possible workshop/tech talk topics are:
Source Control (eg. SVN, Git, Mercurial)
Frameworks and Libraries (eg. Angular, Node, Play!, WCF)
Security Best Practices RESTful services and architecture
Large scale development practices (Scrum, Agile)
Database Management Systems (NoSQL, MSSQL, InfoBright)
Responsive Design
User Experience Research Methods
Agile Software Development
Entrepreneurship and Start-ups