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Co-op Salary Statistics

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Cornell University’s Engineering Cooperative Education Program provides an educational opportunity that integrates a student's academic and career interests with paid, productive work experience at cooperating organizations throughout the world.

On average, co-op students make about $3,715 per month at their co-op position.  The most recent Salary Statistics for Co-op Students is provided below, according to their major.

Hourly Salary Statistics, 2015-2016

MajorNo. Reporting
Applied & Engineering Physics
1 (100%)
Biological Engineering
4 (100%)
Chemical Engineering
16 (100%)
Civil Engineering
4 (80%)
Computer Science
10 (92%)
Electrical & Computer Engineering
6 (75%)
Information Science &
Systems Technology
1 (100%)
Mechanical Engineering
10 (90%)
Operations Research &
Industrial Engineering
11 (100%)
Last updated 9/15

Monthly starting salaries for co-op students, based on a 40-hour week, averaged $3,715, with a median of $3,404. Geographic location, current economic conditions, and other forms of compensation may affect students’ salaries. Salaries are based on students’ first co-op work periods.

These records do not include salaries for positions outside of the United States, nor do they include stipends for housing or relocation expenses.