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Welcome Yudong Chen ( 2015 )

When Yudong Chen was a child in Guangzhou, China he liked to build things with his father. “My father was an electrical engineer and a self-taught carpenter,” says Chen. “He made all of the furniture...

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Welcome Silvia Ferrari ( 2015 )

A Professor in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Silvia Ferrari joined Cornell this summer and is currently Director of the Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Controls...

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Welcome Siddhartha Banerjee ( 2015 )

Siddhartha Banerjee studies complex large-scale systems with many interacting agents and difficult sets of problems to solve. One such set of problems arises in the design of online marketplaces such...

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Welcome Elaine Shi ( 2015 )

Elaine Shi, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell, believes academic researchers can play a leading role in creating secure and protected software platforms for cryptocurrencies and smart...

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Kilian Weinberger

Welcome Kilian Weinberger ( 2015 )

In his book Outliers , psychology writer Malcolm Gladwell says that achieving greatness in a field of human endeavor often rests on two essential factors: inherent talent, and many hours of deliberate...

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Qing Zhao

Welcome Qing Zhao ( 2015 )

Qing Zhao, professor in Cornell’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, focuses her work on mathematical formulations of, and solutions to, engineering problems. Zhao uses decision theory and...

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Meghan Furton

By the time Furton left the meeting with Bazley, she had seriously begun to consider going to India for a semester as part of the Nilgiris Field Learning Center (NFLC) in Kotagiri, in the Indian state...

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Exxon Mobil Provides Grant to Cornell

In 2015, Exxon Mobil Corporation is providing $2 million in grants to 78 colleges and universities nationwide including Cornell University through the Departmental Grants Program. This year the...

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ECE Teaching Snapshot: Bruce Land

Senior Lecturer Bruce Land has been teaching Electrical and Computer Engineering students at Cornell since 1997. He began when the professor who had been teaching a microcontroller class retired. Land...

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