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Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee, B.S. '19

"The design lab is literally an engineer’s playground, and it’s where we got to put our degrees to the test. It’s up to you and your team to use all of the knowledge you’ve accumulated through four years to make your project a success." Read more

Peter Frazier

How We Use Machine Learning

by Jackie Swift If you’ve ever used Uber, then you probably know about surge pricing, times when the fare price suddenly increases for rides originating in a certain location. For riders, a surge can... Read more

Ankur Singh and Shivem Shah

Building Organoids to Combat Cancer

Shivem Shah is one of a new generation of scientists who are developing therapies that will modulate the immune system to combat disease. They are called immunoengineers. A fourth-year biomedical... Read more

Shweta Modi

Shweta Modi, B.S. '19

"BME has given me the opportunity to be a part of the wider biomedical community. I attended a Medical Hackathon at Johns Hopkins University. We were so passionate about our project that we carried on our project through our Senior Design project." Read more

Heather Lukas

Heather Lukas, B.S. '19

"I liked that BME taught engineering concepts in the context of medicine. You constantly face challenges in solving real-world problems in lecture, homework, and projects." Read more

Holly Zheng

Holly Zheng, B.S. '19

"Cornell BME gave us so many resources in the design lab (five 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, all the circuit parts you can ask for), and we were able to completely take charge and mimic the process of taking a product from ideation to market." Read more

Geoffrey Rouin

Geoffrey Rouin, M.Eng. '19

"BME allows you to have a broad variety of experience and leverage that interdisciplinary experience in solving problems that face the field of medicine." Read more