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Assistant Professor Mahdi Esmaily, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Welcome Mahdi Esmaily ( 2018 )

There were signs early in Mahdi Esmaily’s life that he might end up a mechanical engineer. Growing up in Tehran, Iran, Esmaily’s neighborhood often had buildings under construction. “It was always fun...

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Jie Shan, Professor of Applied and Engineering physics at Cornell

Welcome Jie Shan ( 2018 )

When Jie Shan was growing up in Zhejiang Province in China’s southeast, she did not imagine her future held a career in physics. “I always liked math and chemistry and physics when I was in high...

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Natalie Dawley

Natalie Dawley: Ph.D. Student

For most of Natalie Dawley’s high school years, she assumed a career in foreign policy was awaiting her after college. “I loved learning and speaking French; I even spent a semester in France in high...

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Breaking rules to create a better future

Liz Wayne '15 Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering Liz Wayne Ph.D. ’15 BME says she majored in physics as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania because she wanted to understand the world around...

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