Cornell Engineering likes to feature our new faculty, our incredible students, staff, alumni and teams who do amazing work everyday. 

Brandon Hencey ( 2009 )

To reduce energy consumption and fight global warming, buildings must become more efficient. Buildings use about 40 percent of the nation's energy and 70 percent of its electricity. Brandon Hencey is... Read more

Hsiu-Yu Yu

Hsiu-Yu Yu

"It would be more interesting to us to think about some problems that no one has thought about." Read more

  • Hometown: Hsinchu County, Taiwan
  • Chemical Engineering
Amanda Kushner

Amanda Kushner

"I know the past 50 years of Cornell history .... Those were like my bedtime stories growing up." Read more

  • Hometown: Austin, Texas
  • Operations Research
Picture of Jake Swamp

Jake Swamp

Jake Swamp's mathematical ability has been apparent since he was a kindergartner. "I was already figuring out how to multiply without them really teaching it," says the junior from Madison, Wisc. "I... Read more

  • Hometown: Madison, Wisc.
  • Engineering Physics

Megan Rotondo

"Cornell is really helpful with switching majors and the possibilities here are endless." Read more

  • Hometown: Bristol, R.I.
  • Civil Engineering
Ojus Patil

Ojus Patil

"To see the problem solving skills that would lead you to be successful within that major, that's a very smart idea." Read more

  • Hometown: Westfield, N.J.
  • Operations Research

Alex Gorenstein

I can learn new things and meet new people every day which is always a bonus. Read more

  • Hometown: Nyack, N.Y.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

Evan Respaut

"I can't imagine I'd have been a better fit for any other school." Read more

  • Hometown: Londonderry, N.H.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
Christine Catudal

Christine Catudal '11

Christine Catudal's uncle, William Boorujy '83 ME, M.Eng. '90, first brought her to Cornell when she was a junior in high school. "I walked around campus and I thought it was beautiful. It's what I... Read more

  • Hometown: Katy, Texas
  • Chemical Engineering