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Start Your M.Eng./MPS Job Search Here!

Essential Skills for Career Planning and Job Searching

  • Career Exploration - You have an awareness of and ability to manage your career development process.
  • Applications and Interviews - You communicate with confidence about your skills and abilities.
  • Networking - You make connections with others who can assist you in your career development and advancement.





Yong Joo

Congratulations on your acceptance to Cornell University's College of Engineering. We are excited you have decided to attend Cornell!

Once you arrive on campus you'll be busy with academics, getting to know the college, exploring resources and meeting faculty and colleagues. Most of you will also be pursuing employment opportunities toward securing a job before graduation.

The fall is a busy time so we have put together a two-step program to help you begin to prepare for your job search; a career curriculum available on Canvas, and an M.Eng. Career Orientation.  

The Canvas course, M.Eng/MPS Career Commons, is a series of dynamic modules that cover foundational topics most common in career development, such as resume and cover letter, networking, and the job search. Comprehensive and with detailed examples, the modules have been customized for the M.Eng./MPS population. You will also have the opportunity to attend a virtual M.Eng. Career orientation on August 25th to review services available, the career timeline for fall and spring, and information on upcoming events. 

On-campus recruiting begins in early September, so reviewing the career curriculum over the summer and attending the orientation is a good way to begin to prepare yourself to apply for these positions. 

We look forward to meeting you in August and welcoming you in person and/or virtually to our college community and Cornell.


Yong L. Joo

Associate Dean of Masters of Engineering Programs, College of Engineering

The M.Eng./MPS Career Modules will guide you through the process of developing essential skills.

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