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Career Information for M.Eng. & MPS Students

Cornell Engineering Career Center is tailored to meet the needs of technical students. We provide tools and resources to empower you to create lifelong career success. The information you need for a successful job search is found on these pages. Click the Start Here button below to be guided through the job search process. Refer back to these pages throughout your search.

Fall Graduate Programs & Services

Take advantage of all the Engineering Career Center is offering this fall. View the programs and services designed for M.Eng. & MPS students.



M.Eng./MPS Job Search Timeline

July & August 

Work through the five career modules specifically designed to prepare you for job search success; Attend M.Eng./MPS Job Search Orientation on August 21.


Peak Season for On-Campus Recruiting: Cornell Career Fair Days, Employer Information Sessions, Apply to jobs via Handshake, Possibly interview on-campus


On-Campus Recruiting Continues

November & December

Continue applying to jobs in your field


Review M.Eng./MPS Career Modules

At any point, when you are working through the modules and have questions, visit us during drop-in hours