M.Eng. students writing on a chalk board

M.Eng./MPS Module 1: Getting Started with Your Job Search

Start your job search here!

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Determine career opportunities that may be a good fit based on your interests, values, strengths, and skills
  • Have a résumé that demonstrates skills and talents tailored to a particular job or type of job
  • Know the Career Readiness Competencies for New College Graduates according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. 
  • Provide evidence of skill attainment in these Career Readiness Competencies


Transcript [PDF]

Determine your goals

Outline what you are looking for in your search. Complete Step 1 (Determine your objective) of the Applications and Interviews Workbook.

Identify options

Complete Step 2 (Identify options) of the Applications and Interview Workbook to get a general idea of available options. You'll be guided through some more specific steps for researching employers in Module 2. 

Articulate your talents and skills and prepare evidence

Watch the Prepare for Your Job Search Video.

Complete Steps 3-5 of the Applications and Interview Workbook.

Complete a resume & LinkedIn Profile

Create a LinkedIn profile.

Use information from Steps 1-5 of the Applications and Interviews Workbook to craft a summary statement.

Create a resume.

It should emphasize strengths, skills, and accomplishments relevant to your job search. Use the Cornell Engineering M.Eng. Resume Resources to create a resume that best represents your current interests and accomplishments. You'll create more tailored resumes as you progress in your search.