student talking with employers

M.Eng./MPS Module 2: Research Employers

You are developing skills you can apply to many career paths. Research employers to determine how your skills align with their needs.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Identify a few job possibilities in fields of interest
  • Know what skills and qualifications employers are looking for
  • Find industry and career field-related news

5 Step Plan to Research Employers:

  1. Watch the Conducting Employer Research video below. 

  2. Identify employers of interest using the job search resources listed below. 

  3. View the list of employers that have recently hired M.Eng. and MPS students available on our Post-Graduate Survey pages. These reports sort data by degree program and visa status. Note the titles of jobs accepted by students in your major. 
  4. Identify types of positions that fit your interests by visiting the Careers pages of your top-choice employers.
  5. Synthesize the data you've collected. 

What knowledge and skills do you need to develop during your time at Cornell in order to improve your chances of landing a job that meets your goals? Identify how you will use your time in the M.Eng. or MPS program to develop these skills. Review the course catalog and your department's curriculum and project requirements. Consider leadership, entrepreneurial and other extracurricular activities. In one or two short paragraphs, summarize how you would speak to employers about your plan to develop your skills.


Conducting Employer Research

Transcript [PDF]