students speaking with employers

M.Eng./MPS Module 3: On-Campus Recruiting and Cornell Handshake

Employers begin recruiting May graduates in August. Over 200 employers visit campus to meet students at career fairs and employers information sessions and to interview for jobs and internships. Most of these interactions occur in September and October. Some employers visit campus in February or other times of the year.

By the end of this module you will:

  • Know to follow Cornell’s Recruiting Guidelines
  • Understand the timeline associated with on-campus recruiting
  • Use Handshake, Cornell’s on-campus recruiting database, to identify and apply for jobs in your field of interest.
  • Use Handshake to identify and register for events.
  • Use Handshake to assist you with career fair preparation (maybe – see below)
  • Know the Cornell expectations for applying ethics and integrity to the job search

Action Items

  • Complete Cornell Handshake Tutorial
  • Watch the Handshake 101 & Personal Pitch videos thoroughly
  • Create a Handshake Account & fill out your profile
  • Upload your resume to your Handshake profile (Remember: this should be your base resume. When applying for jobs you should be tailoring your resume to each job description)

Learn How to Effectively Use Handshake

Handshake Transcript [PDF]

3 Steps to Create a Effective Personal Pitch

Personal Pitch Transcript [PDF]


  • Take time to review your goals. Now that you have a better understanding of resources and possible opportunities, sketch out a timeline for your own search. Add career-related workshops and events to your calendar. 

  • Reflect on your values and which criteria are most important to you in this search.

  • Discuss your plans with your faculty or M.Eng./MPS advisor.