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M.Eng./MPS Module 4: Interview Preparation

Successful interviews require preparation and practice

By the end of this module you will:

  • Describe your relevant skills, abilities, and interests for a specific position and incorporate stories and examples from past experiences. 
  • Present relevant skills, abilities, and interests that make a clear connection to the position and employer through tailored application materials.

Behavioral and Technical Interview Questions

Most of your interviews will have both a behavioral and a technical component. To prepare for the technical questions, review coursework and technical skills. To prepare for the behavioral questions, complete this module.


First, complete Step 6 of the Applications and Interview Workbook

Applications and Interview Workbook

Second, practice answering interview questions via Optimal Interview

  1. Create an account with Optimal Resume and log in
  2. Select "Create New Interview"
  3. Name the Interview (this is for your record only, so name it whatever you'd like)
  4. Select Interview Type (e.g. Basic, Technical, Behavioral, Consulting, etc.)
  5. Select Format (video recommended)
  6. Scroll down and select "Continue Interview"
  7. Click on the first video to watch the interviewer ask the question
  8. Click on the "record answer" to record  your response
  9. Click on the third video to hear an explanation of the interview question

Status Check

Now that you’ve prepared and practiced,

  • Can you describe your relevant skills, abilities, and interests using examples from past experiences?
  • Do you present relevant skills, abilities, and interests that make a clear connection to the position?
  • Do you strategically use strong, well-developed examples to make an effective case for your candidacy?
  • Do you incorporate your knowledge of the position/employer and industry/field?

If the answers to these questions are yes, you are ready to interview. If you answer no to any of these, more preparation and practice is needed for a strong interview.

Interview Etiquette 

After your interview, you will want to write a thank you note to each of your interviewers, so don't forget to ask for their contact information! A few tips on writing effective thank you notes:

  • Compose and send your thank you note as soon as possible since the conversations will still be fresh in your memory.
  • Be formal and professional in your language (e.g. "Dear Ms. Jones," not "Hey Sarah"). 
  • Keep the message short.
  • Reiterate your interest in the position/organization.
  • Make reference to at least one thing you discussed in the interview that strengthened your interest in the position or organization.
  • If there was something you mentioned in the interview that didn't come across well, feel free to mention/clarify in your note.
  • If you have any additional questions, include them in your thank you note.  

Next Steps

  • Before the interview, be sure you have all details covered. See Step 7 in the Applications and Interview Workbook
  • Following the interview, be sure to send a thank you note to everyone you meet. Review Step 9 (Review what you've learned) in the Applications and Interview Workbook
  • Before you receive an offer be sure to visit our Job Offer and Negotiations resources

Reserve an Interview Room

Have an upcoming web or phone interview and need a quiet space? Reserve a room in the Engineering Career Center. We attempt to have at least one room available when classes are in session. During peak recruiting times, however, this is not always possible. Please be sure to make your reservation as soon as you are aware of your need.