Career Resources for M.Eng. Students

*M.Eng. Career Support is committed to you, and will be continuing to provide virtual services throughout the remainder of the semester.*

The M.Eng. Career Support Office is tailored to meet the needs of professional degree students. Tools, resources, and various events/programming are available to empower you to create lifelong career success.

Our goals for each M.Eng. student are that you are aware, confident, and ready.

    Tools and resources that speak to all of the above are available on these pages. Feel free to utilize and refer back to these resources as you create and implement your professional plan!

    Seeking an individual coaching session?

    *Beginning March 16, all appointments will be virtual* 

    To best prepare for your individual work, please go through the five career modules specifically designed to prepare you for career success. Having this foundation will positively impact any individual work you will do as well as prepare you to take part in any events and/or programming.