Meet the 2020 Commercialization Fellows

The 2020 Commercialization Fellows and their technologies are:

Hedan  Bai , Mechanical Engineering   
Stretchable Lightguides for Multimodal Sensing (SLIMS)   

Jaejeong  (Jane)  Shin,  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering   
Real-time intelligent sensor path planning based on information value estimation   

Meishen  Liu , School of Civil and Environmental Engineering   
Separate multi-component ionic species in wastewater streams using atmospheric CO2

Michael  Suguitan,  Mechanical Engineering   
Blossom, A DIY Social Robot   

Houston  Claure , Mechanical Engineering   
Socially Assistive Robots to Teach Coding   

Brandon  Regensburger , Electrical and Computer Engineering   
Dynamic Capacitive Wireless Charging System for Autonomous Material Handling Vehicles

Yehou  Gnopo , Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering   
Multi-antigen Vaccine Delivery System for the effective induction of Mucosal Immunity