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New Transfer Students

As a new engineering transfer student, you are advised primarily by your major department. Engineering Advising can advise you on common curriculum requirements, study abroad planning, pre-health career curriculum planning, and other non-major curriculum related questions you might have.

Get Ready for Engineering Orientation!

Cornell University move-in begins on Thursday, August 19th through Saturday, August 21st.

New Student Orientation officially begins on Sunday, August 22nd.

The Transfer Student Advising Briefing relaying important information will be held on Monday, August 23rd. 

Please contact Engineering Advising with any questions or concerns.

Enrollment in Courses for Fall 2021

Incoming external transfer students will enroll in their fall classes come the Add/Drop period in August.  You will be sent more information in mid-July!

Check your To Do List for new students

Courses of Study

The Courses of Study provides information about colleges, departments, course offerings, and requirements for majors and minors. Course offerings are updated throughout the year and are subject to change. Policies and requirements are updated annually.

Engineering Handbook

Each major includes a flow chart of degree requirements as a visual representation of one way to progress through the curriculum in 4 years. It is updated annually with degree requirements for each major and college policies in the Engineering Undergraduate Handbook.  The 2021 Engineering Undergraduate Handbook will be published in early August.  For now, you can reference last year's handbook, but please note that some policies and curriculum requirements may change.

Student Center

Student Center offers a way to access information 24/7. It allows students the ability to access information related to their academics-including registration status, class schedule, faculty advisor, grades, transcript requests, pre-enroll and Add/Drop.

Wait Lists in Student Center

A limited number of classes have online wait lists. Many departments do not use the wait list function in Student Center, and often, you need to visit or contact the department that offers the class directly.

Class Roster (still being finalized for fall)

Class Roster is the published schedule of classes for each term. In addition to class enrollment information, it displays course details (such as descriptions, prerequisites, and breadth and distribution codes) from the Courses of Study.


Scheduler is a planning tool within Class Roster that allows users to build and visualize semester schedules (Net-ID required). Users can explore different section combinations, add personal events, review class numbers and conflict information, download to a personal calendar and share schedules. Scheduler does not enroll students in classes; class enrollment must be completed through Student Center.

Class Day Codes

These codes are used to show which days of the week a course is offered:

  • M Course meets on Monday
  • T Course meets on Tuesday
  • W Course meets on Wednesday
  • R Course meets on Thursday
  • F Course meets on Friday
  • A course listed as TR meets on Tuesday and Thursday. A course listed as MWF meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Course/Class Number

  • Entering the Class Number in Student Center is the fastest way to enroll in a class. The 4 or 5-digit Class Number is located to the left of the Favorites star, in blue in Class Roster. You will need the class number for each lecture, discussion, lab, etc. that you wish to add to your schedule.
  • Each course, discussion, lab, etc. in which you will enroll will have a 4-5 digit number.  This number is the means by which you will enroll on Student Center, so it is important that you prepare a list of class numbers for the different options of your specific courses, discussions, and labs, etc. and their respective 4-5 digit numbers. The class number is not the same as course name.

Class requires department or instructor consent

If a class requires department consent, contact the department in which the course is taught. If a class requires instructor consent, contact the instructor of the class. An instructor's Net-ID can be found by hovering over the instructor name.

Classroom Codes

Classroom Codes are the abbreviations for building names on students’ schedules.


Student Center Helpline at 607-254-4795 or email Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Leave a message outside of business hours and they will call you the following business day.)