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Recruiting and Offers for Co-op

Co-op Program staff develop and cultivate relationships with employers and Alumni to offer opportunities for Co-op Students! Many employer partners come to campus to interview candidates for these positions.

You are encouraged to seek opportunities in addition to those listed in Handshake. Please let us know if we can help you with a search strategy.

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Applying to Jobs:

  • Students are able to consider other options, such as a summer internship, as they explore and apply to Co-op opportunities
  • Many Co-op positions are posted in Handshake
    • Employers often post Co-op jobs late in the Fall semester and early in the Spring semester
  • Students are encouraged to utilize additional resources as they search for Co-op jobs

Recruiting Timeline and Offer Process

Additional timeline and offer information is available in the expandable menus below.

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      The Co-op program makes the daunting task of finding a company and industry that aligns with your interests approachable. While it is up to you to be proactive and put your best foot forward, the Engineering Career Center does everything they can to ensure the Co-op is as fruitful as possible.

      — Gabriel Zimmerman '17


      Offer Process

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      All offers of employment are coordinated through the Engineering Career Center. This policy allows students to view all of their co-op offers at one time, maximizes the number of opportunities for students by posting alternates, and keeps the Career Center aware of a student’s choices, thereby allowing each student to make the best-informed decision.

      Employment offers are made in February and March. Students who receive more than one prime offer must decline some offers, which are then made available to the next candidate. Should that candidate decline the position, it is offered to the next candidate, and so on. Employers consider alternative candidates to increase their chances of obtaining students for positions.

      Upon notification of a student’s acceptance, the employer should send an offer letter, with salary and benefit information, to the student, who will provide a copy to Engineering Career Center.

      Co-op salaries and housing benefits vary widely across industries and geographic locations. The 2017-2018 Co-op Salary Statistics [pdf]  are posted as a guide for employers and students.

      Offer Timeline

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      Co-op On-Campus Recruiting Dates

      Interview Dates
      February: 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28
      *These are typical Co-op interview dates; other dates may be added. Students will be notified through Handshake in those instances.

      Networking Receptions
      February 6, 13


      Co-op Offer Process Timeline

      Late JanuaryCo-op Recruiting, Interview and Offer Information - Students review video (above) and other details presented on the Recruiting and Offers for Co-op web page.
      2/2019Offers will be posted online as they are received from employers. Students may begin accepting and declining at any time.
      3/7Employers are strongly encouraged to submit all offers by this date.
      3/14Students must decline all but 1 PRIMARY and 2 ALTERNATE offers (or 3 ALTERNATES if there is no PRIMARY) by midnight.
      3/17Students must decline all but 1 FIRST IN LINE offer; students who have no FIRST IN LINE may keep two alternates.
      3/25Co-op offer decision deadline! Make final decisions regarding on-campus recruiting offers.
      3/29Employers will be notified of all acceptances on or before this date.

      Accepted offers are not official until an Acceptance Agreement and Commitment to Employer Agreement are signed at the Cornell Engineering Career Center in 201 Carpenter Hall; these agreements must be signed within one business day of accepting an offer.

      My Offers

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      Co-op offers should be submitted directly to the Engineering Career Center. When offers are received, they are posted on a secure, password-protected website that only Co-op Candidates have access to.

      Co-op Offers Website Login


      Students can decline offers using the online offer system. To accept a Co-op offer, you must do so in person at 201 Carpenter Hall. If you receive offers outside of the formal recruiting process please notify the Engineering Career Center by emailing the Co-op Program.



      Accepting an Offer

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      • Most Co-op offers come through the Co-op Program office, and are then posted on a secure website
        • Students should report offers to the Co-op Program office if they are received directly by the student
      • In order to accept a Co-op offer, students must come to the Co-op Program office to complete the Acceptance Agreement
      • Once an offer is accepted, students should withdraw pending applications for other jobs, and cancel any scheduled interviews
      • Students are not permitted to negotiate salary offers for Co-op