Engineering Career Center COVID-19 Updates

Students are reaching out with career questions related to COVID-19, and it’s important to remember we are all in this together. Employers are managing remote work teams and economic upheaval at the same time students are coping with a variety of collegiate disruptions. It’s difficult to find anyone whose personal life has not been impacted in some way. There is a collective understanding of the challenges that this environment creates for those seeking work experiences right now.  

We are available. You can still schedule an appointment to talk with an advisor, get your resume or cover letter reviewed, and do a practice interview. 

Two of the most common questions we have received include: 

How do I represent an internship or job that was rescinded due to COVID-19 on my resume? 

We recommend listing the work experience (Company/Organization, Position Title, Location, and Intended Dates) and note “rescinded due to COVID-19.” 

What are some alternatives to in-person summer internships? 

Being adaptable and open to possibilities will be critical this year. Remote work, doing social good virtually, and developing personal projects could be alternatives to in-person internships. Many engineering students pivoted quickly this past summer to participate various activities including remote internships, volunteer experiences, design competitions, and hackathons. All of these experiences create opportunities to gain skills that employers value.  

Below we have included links to Cornell and non-Cornell related resources that may be of particular use or interest to you right now. We will continue to add resources to this list so check back periodically. We highly recommend checking out the new online career modules which include topics such as general networking, LinkedIn, and learning networks as they include even more free resources for building your skills and gaining career knowledge.

This list was last edited November 13, 2020

Cornell General Coronavirus Resources

Cornell’s Coronavirus webpage for the most current campus updates and FAQs

Cornell Career Resources: 

New online engineering career modules on topics such as interviewing, networking, and learning networks.

Have questions for employers about your job, internship, or application given the COVID-19 pandemic? Review our Professional Correspondence with Employers Concerning COVID-19 guidelines on how to communicate professionally and effectively to get the information you need.

CU-Elinks: a university-wide online networking platform where community members can connect with the people and resources they need to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals. It is a great way to make connections with Cornell alums. 

E-Ship: Join the e-ship list serv to learn about start up opportunities as well as review jobs posted in Start-Up Tree. 

Engineering Career Center resources for career exploration and readiness 

Cornell Career Services Link Library 

New FinTech Podcasts- created by Cornell alumni added April 15, 2020

Career Insider powered by Vault COVID-19 Resources: Log-in using your Cornell credentials for free access to Vault's curated resources related to job searching in a pandemic, remote work, articles on how COVID is impacting various industries and more. added April 17, 2020

Student Travel Policy/Visitor Restrictions

Student travel for interviews– All interviews including second rounds should be virtual for the spring semester, so that no student travels for interviews before leaving campus for the semester. Students should not be placed in the position of potentially violating travel policies that may change day-to-day.

Students hosting on-campus in-person employer event – No student or student organization should host an on-campus in-person employer information session in combination with or in lieu of a corporate hosted virtual information session.  Given the student Behavioral Compact, we want to make it easy for students to do the right thing; scheduling and/or hosting an on-campus in-person event is excessive responsibility for students.

Workshops and Events

Check Handshake for the most up-to-date listing of events and workshops.

Watch the recording for Rethinking Summer 2020: Making the Most of Your Summer webinar.

Watch the recording for Making the Most of Your Remote Experience webinar.

Get Involved (opportunities related and unrelated to Cornell):

Stay in Service (volunteer opportunities)

Engaged Cornell COVID-19: in particular, the link to Virtual Volunteering has interesting options

Harvard Mental Health Smartphone App Study (serve as a research participant to evaluate apps)

Jump Start #WorkTogether Fellowship 

Citizen Scientist Opportunities: follow #citizenscience on social media to discover a variety of ways to contribute from home.  

Helping Patients Stay Connected at the Hospital (faculty contacts in article) 

NY State Tech Swat Team volunteers needed

Parker Dewey Micro-Internships: remote, paid, mini-internships. added April 15, 2020

Google Kickstart Coding Competitions added April 16, 2020

Code for America Volunteer Opportunities added May 1, 2020

Automated Contact Tracing Apps Crowdsourcing- added May 12, 2020

Funding Resources

Please check the websites directly for changes to funding and/or application deadline extensions.

Engaged Cornell Serve in Place Fund: Funding for 2021 Winter Break projects now closed.

Newman Civic Fellowship: Applications open in early October and close in late November.

Develop Your Own (DYO) Internship: Applications reviewed and funding awarded on a rolling basis, beginning in March and ending in early June.

Access Fund: Application period is February 1 - May 15.

Who Is Hiring?

SkillUp The SkillUp Coalition aims to connect workers who have been laid off or furloughed during the pandemic to training programs that will help them secure new jobs. The coalition’s platform recommends new career paths for users to consider based on a short questionnaire. The site provides average salary ranges for these roles, shares open local job ads and suggests training programs from education providers such as edX, Coursera and LinkedIn Learning, as well as degree options from institutions such as Southern New Hampshire University and the University of Maryland Global Campus.

500 Companies Hiring on Handshake Right Now added April 29, 2020

Job Market Insights including a crowd-sourced hiring freeze dashboard (as with anything crowd-sourced we can’t guarantee accuracy)

Google’s Find Remote Job Opportunities Dashboard 

75 Companies That Are Still Hiring During COVID-19

Management Consulted's List of Who is Hiring- you must register to have the list sent to you. added April 13, 2020

Big Tech is Still Hiring. added April 15, 2020

Five Job Boards with a Focus on Social Impact added April 19, 2020

Career Articles: 

Handshake COVID-19 Higher Ed Recruitment Trends 

How do you job search during a pandemic 

How to Find Remote Work 

Free e-Books on breaking into tech: They’re very short, easy reads and should only be used as primers, but can be interesting if you’d like to learn more about roles in tech that don’t require programming. 

COVID-19 Industry Impact - April 9, 2020

LinkedIn Tip: Search and follow hashtags like #nowhiring, #jobs, #hiring, #jobs, #careers, #internships, #newgrads as those who post or share openings often use those tags. added April 16, 2020

What Employers Will be Looking for in Interviews for Remote Positions added April 17, 2020

Your Only Goal is to Arrive- this article is about adjusting our expectations during the pandemic. added April 22, 2020

Grow with Google OnAir- free virtual workshops and events to get the most out of Google digital tools for productivity and job searching. added May 12, 2020

Develop New Skills

Coursera: Offers classes in a variety of subject areas. Free to students(not gen public)

Zoom Interview Etiquette: Learn the best way to interview during the pandemic

InsideSherpa: Build experience and skills with company-backed Virtual Work Experience Programs.

CodeAcademy: Learn to code with interactive lessons & daily practice.

Khan Academy: Expert-created content and resources for every course and level. Always free.

LinkedIn Learning: Learn skills and access numerous courses and video trainings in areas such as industry topics (electrical engineering, data visualization, design thinking, mechanical engineering, etc) build skills (iOS development, CAD, Tableau).

Google trainings and skill-building: Check out their Guide to Technical Development or Coding Competitions.

Professional Organizations

This is by no means an exhaustive list of engineering professional organizations. Other groups can be found in LinkedIn or with a simple internet search. Most organizations offer significantly reduced membership rates for students. We also encourage you to seek out the student chapters at Cornell by contacting your major department or checking the Student Activities Office website.

American Society of Civil Engineers COVID-19: resources include a daily podcast with a different engineer about how the pandemic is affecting their job as well as career advice and other professional development that can be done at home. added April 16, 2020

American Society of Mechanical Engineers COVID-19: resources include free and discounted courses on topics such as robotics, standards and certifications, and manufacturing. added April 16, 2020 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers: virtual benefits for student members includes a free online course in process safety training, networking, and career advice. Undergraduate membership is free. added April 17, 2020

Biomedical Engineering Society: members can access various journals, blogs, and virtual networking. Like most professional organizations, the website includes a job posting board accessible to members. added April 17, 2020

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers COVID-19: articles on how members are coping and getting involved in the pandemic, free courses and products for members. added April 17, 2020

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences COVID-19: articles and journal resources are curated by topical areas such as how COVID-19 is impacting health care, supply chains, and transportation security systems. added April 17, 2020

Engineers Without Borders- USA COVID-19: read about EWB's response to COVID-19, innovation challenges for members, remote volunteering opportunities, and more. added April 30, 2020

American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists COVID-19: of most interest may be the joint webinar series with the American Public Health Association and the National Academy of Medicine. added April 30, 2020