International Student Resources

For international students seeking jobs in the U.S., it’s important to start researching your options at least 9 months before graduation. There are three factors you should consider in your U.S. job search: work visas, English language proficiency, and cultural etiquette.

Module 5 - Conducting Research on Employers that Sponsor Visas

(applicable to all international students)

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Work Visas

The first step is understanding U.S. work visas.  The following videos offer an overview of specific visas or work authorization options. The intent is to be a starting point in the visa research process. For more detailed information, visit U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

English Language Proficiency

Strong English language skills will make a significant difference in your U.S. job search.  You can improve your English by participating in conversations each day. Practice speaking in English at lunch with classmates, while working on problem sets and projects, and on the bus.

For more practice and support, take part in programs offered by Cornell’s English Language Support Office. This is a wonderful resource available to help you succeed at Cornell and in the job search. ELSO offers classes, a tutoring service, workshops, and speaking groups for international graduate students. 

U.S. Cultural Etiquette and Communication

Understanding cultural expectations is important to your job search. Going Global offers cultural advice as well as information on professional networking in the United States. Going Global also offers resources for exploring opportunities around the world, including a list of companies with branches abroad.