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Professional Attire

When connecting with employers at the career fair, an information session, an interview, or a networking event, what you wear will make an impression. Make it a good one! 

Employer Expectations

Employers and industries have different expectations regarding professional attire. So, how do you know what's appropriate? Do your research!

  • Reach out to current students who interviewed or worked at the company previously (LinkedIn is a great tool for learning where Cornell students have worked in the past).
  • Ask peers who interviewed with an organization in a similar industry (e.g. What should I wear for an interview with a tech company?). 
  • Check the company website; some 'careers' pages or company blogs include information about dress code.
  • Ask a recruiter at the organization. 

When in doubt, dress on the more conservative side. It's better to be overdressed then underdressed.


Bring a suit from homeIf you plan on participating in interviews, and attending other recruiting events, bring professional attire with you to Ithaca.