Courses in the Engineering Communications Program

The Engineering Communication Program (ECP) offers three engineering communications courses open to COE students. ENGRC 3500 and 3350 carry three credits, offer a letter grade, and are limited to around 25 students per section. ENGRC 3340 is an independent or directed-study course. Other ENGRC courses may be partner courses, where students are enrolled in an engineering course and the required partnered ENGRC courses. ENGRC 3350 and 3500 are designed for juniors and seniors, although sophomores may enroll. Each has the prerequisites of two first-year writing seminars and field affiliation. All the courses fulfill the college's Technical Writing Requirement, and sophomores, juniors, and seniors may use them as a Free or Approved Elective.

ENGRC 3350: Communication for Engineering Managers (3cr)

ENGRC 3350 reviews the kinds of communication particular to an institution and/or organization, how those kinds of communication lead to action (or fail to do so), and what opportunities there may be for communication to improve productivity. ENGRC 335 provides students with the foundational knowledge related to communication in institutions and/or organizations. In addition to demonstrating facility with that foundational knowledge, students will be asked to apply what they learn to study communication in a number real-world contexts, determine the structure and purpose of that communication, and if necessary, consider how one might redesign that structure in order better to enable a desired purpose.

ENGRC 3500: Engineering Communications (3cr)

The ability to communicate well plays an important role in professional success. ENGRC 3500 prepares students for that success. They write various types of documents (e.g., letters, memos, executive summaries, problem analyses, proposals, progress reports), give oral presentations, and incorporate graphics in both their oral and written work. Students learn how to communicate specialized information to different audiences (e.g., technical and nontechnical people, colleagues and clients, peers and supervisors, in-house departments, and government agencies), work in teams, and address organizational and ethical issues. The course material is drawn primarily from professional contexts, principally engineering, and it generates lively discussion. The class size ensures close attention to each student's work.

ENGRC 3340 Independent Study in Engineering Communications (1cr)

ECP instructors can offer independent (or "directed") study in engineering communications. A student doing independent or directed study works one-on-one with an ECP instructor. Various types of projects are possible, e.g., studying forms of technical documentation, creating user manuals, analyzing and producing technical graphics, reading and writing about problems in engineering practice, and writing about technical topics for the public. Credits may vary (one-three). Students who want to do an independent or directed-study course must contact and make arrangements with a particular ECP instructor.

ENGRC 3024: Communications/Writing-Intensive Co-op and Internships (1cr; not offered AY 2018-2019)

Many students engage in a wide range of technical communications as part of their co-op or internship, such as writing reports, memos, instructional manuals, technical blog posts, slides, data visualizations, and more. If you are doing communicative work as part of your co-op or internship, you could fulfill the technical communications requirement through the Engineering Communications Program's ENGRC 3024: Communications/Writing-Intensive option for Co-op and Internships. 

ENGRC 1cr Partner courses

The courses listed below are only available to students who are also enrolled in the partnered engineering course. These one-credit courses fulfill the Technical Writing requirement. 

  • ENGRC 2640: Communication for Interfacing the Digital Domain with an Analog World (partnered with AEP 2640)
  • ENGRC 3152: Communication for Game Development (partnered with CS/INFO 3152)
  • ENGRC 4152:  Communication for Advanced Game Development (partnered with CS/INFO 4152)
  • ENGRC 4530: Communication for CAE (partnered with CAE 4530)
  • ENGRC 4890: Communication for Entrepreneurial Management in Engineering (partnered with BEE 4890)

ENGRC 2250: Communication for Mechanical Engineering Design (3cr)

This course is available only to students currently enrolled in MAE 2250.  Currently, it is not being offered this academic year.