Petition for Technical Writing Credit

One option for fulfilling the Technical Writing Requirement is to petition to have the written communication you expect to do in one of a number of contexts within the college accepted as satisfactory coverage for the requirement. 

For instance, you might petition to have the writing done in a non-WI (writing-intensive) course, an independent study, or an honors project count toward the requirement. 

To fulfill the requirement in this manner, it is important to officially petition the College Curriculum Governing Board’s Subcommittee on the Technical Writing Requirement in the first three weeks of the semester you intend to do the work.


To petition successfully, these elements are the minimum consideration. At the end of the term, you should submit these items, plus any others that will bolster your project:

  • at least 15 pages of finished technical writing;
  • documented evidence of technical writing skill, using at least four discrete writing assignments;
  • full evidence of substantive iterative revisions at least two of those writing assignments;
  • original sets of written comments by the identified professor on the student's papers;
  • documented evidence of meetings with the faculty member during the semester, where the writing/revising was the subject of the meeting

Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in the substitute course, project, or honors program.

Students must obtain petition approval from their field programs, as well as from the specific faculty member who will supervise the course/project being proposed.

Submitting a Petition

Students must use the Technical Writing Petition form -- not the general College of Engineering petition form. To obtain this form and individual guidance for your petition, contact Dr. Rick Evans at to arrange an appointment. 

All supporting material should be submitted in 8.5 x 11, single-sided, hard copy and should be packaged neatly with the petition form.

Petitions must be submitted by the end of the third week of the semester in which the work will be done. Submit petitions to Dr. Rick Evans.