2013 Kessler Fellows in Duffield

Partner Companies

The Kessler Fellows Program celebrates student engagement with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the U.S. and abroad through a one-of-a-kind yearlong Fellowship. The program consists of entrepreneurial education, personal exploration, summer startup engagement, and reflective inspiration.

Engaging with Startups 

Over the summer each Fellow experiences the culture of a startup or other entrepreneurial environment and completes engineering and business projects crafted for positive impact.  

Fellows identify potential partner companies in February - March of the spring semester which match their interests, skills and best fit in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and reach out to invite and secure a summer partnership by mid-April.  

Thank You Past Kessler Fellows Partner Companies

121 Nexus, 7AC Technologies, Agua Clara, LLC, Alphabet Energy, Anybots, Auro Robotics, Avedro, Bespoke, Blackjet, Bling Nation, Blue Startups, LLC, Boosted, Bug Labs, Calysta Energy, Cambrios, Canary, Caribou Biosciences, Centrifuge Systems, Clad Network, Clue, CodeX, Dreamit Ventures, e2e materials, Ecovative, Eleven, Enlight Biosciences, ETSY, Excellatron, FiveStars Loyalty, Inc., Funomena, Glypher, Google, Graphiq, Hipcamp, HoverBot, Hybrid Silica Technologies, IKO Systems, Kinga, Knewton, Lumium, LUMO Bodytech, MakerBot Industries, MAKU Creative, Manos Accelerator, Marketcetera, Matter, mc10, MD Revolution, MINT, MOAT, MUBI, Mucker Lab, MUVR Labs, Neverware, Nimbit, Novelis, Nti Technology, Numenta, Open ROV, Palo Alto Research Center, Partners Healthcare, Pear Therapeutics, Piaggio Fast Foward, Planetary Resources, Powervault, QD Vision, Quirky, Radicand, ReadyForce, REVIthaca, Rheonix, Inc., Robo Wunerkind, Sarentis Therapeutics, Seamless Receipts, Seeo, Serious Materials, Sharper Tooks, Singlebrook, SinglePlatform, Skybox Imaging, Social Bicycles, SOLS, Splatlaster,Spongecell, StampedStarsky Robotics, SUNN, The Monkey Inferno, The Water Initiative,Thevi Cosmetics, Uncharted Play, v.i. Labs, Walker & Company, Wayfair, WeWork, Whipsaw, WHOOP, Wonder Workshop, Zeo, Zyvex

Interested in Becoming a Partner Company?

Looking for an entrepreneurial Fellow for the summer eager to complete business and engineering projects designed to benefit your company? 

To explore the possibility of hosting a Kessler Fellow or to speak with a previous partner company, contact Kessler@cornell.edu