2018 Applicants

Applications are due in November for the 2017 Program!

2018 Program Application (word):

Spring Course for 2018 Fellows - "Essentials of Entrepreneurism"

January - May, 2018 - Wednesday’s 7-9pm

The spring course is an introduction to entrepreneurial "business wrapper" concepts and an opportunity to explore areas of personal growth. EOE is designed to broadly prepare Fellows for summer placement in a startup and assist in fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. The course may consist of lectures, guest speakers, individual and participatory activities, and Fellow team presentations. By the end of the course, Fellows will be able to discuss topics and issues surrounding beginning and leading startup companies. Fellows will understand terminology and general concept categories of the entrepreneurial world positioning them for successful summer placement. It is a requirement of the Program to attend and participate in all classes.

Summer Placement for 2018 Fellows

10-12 weeks
May - August, 2018

Fellows will be assisted in securing a 10- to 12-week paid summer placement in small entrepreneurial or startup companies, innovative units within larger companies or other arrangements that meet the individual Fellows' interests and learning outcomes, in consultation with the Program Director. For example, Fellows with innovative ideas that may be better accommodated by doing research with a Cornell faculty member may receive funding and space to work on their own project over the summer.