2011 Kessler Fellows


Jeremy Blum
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Company: MakerBot Industries
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Robots that make things! The MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer is a breakthrough in 3D printing technology

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Samantha Brummell
Civil Engineering
Company: e2e materials
Location: Ithaca, NY

e2e materials produces petroleum-free, biodegradable "no compromise composites" that are stronger, lighter and less expensive than composites filling landfills today!

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Mike Digman
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Company: Skybox Imaging
Location: Mountain View, CA

Skybox has a unique focus on commercial consumers of satellite imagery and the data derived from these images

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Natasha Gangjee
Mechanical Engineering
Company: Whipsaw
Location: San Jose, CA

Whipsaw is an Industrial Design and Engineering consulting firm providing solutions to support client business objectives with a goal to increase revenue, improve market position and enhance corporate values

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James Gippetti
Materials Science and Engineering
Company: Centrifuge Systems
Location: McLean, VA

Centrifuge Systems delivers a unique approach to interactive data visualization using advanced link analysis

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Amanda Kushner
Independent Major
Company: Seamless Receipts
Location: Manhattan, NY

The Seamless Receipts solution replaces paper receipts with branded eReceipts and allows message personalization and the collection of more emails, driving offline customers online and engaging customers after they leave the store

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 Mike_LathropMichael Lathrop
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Company: Neverware
Location: Manhattan, NY

Neverware bridges the gap by helping use existing computer equipment and makes it newer, faster and better

Ashwin Narayanan
Materials Science and Engineering
Company: Seeo
Location: Hayward, CA

Seeo holds an exclusive license to advanced technology from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with the goal of creating a new class of high-energy rechargeable lithium ion batteries

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Ritu Raman
Mechanical Engineering
Company: Rheonix, Inc.
Location: Ithaca, NY

Rheonix, Inc. has created a powerful microfluidic platform for the evolving molecular diagnostics industry that miniaturizes and automates all the functions of a molecular biology lab on a disposable chip the size of the palm of your hand

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Matt Riemer
Engineering Physics
Company: QD Vision
Location: Watertown, MA

QD Vision, Inc. is a nanomaterials product company delivering lighting and display solutions that provide unmatched color and light, require less power and reduce costs. QD Vision is the only quantum dot company solely focused on lighting and displays.

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Brian Schiffer
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Company: Zeo
Location: Newton, MA

Zeo is designed to help you analyze your sleep and improve it. The Zeo unit is composed of a lightweight wireless headband, a bedside display, a set of online analytical tools, and an email based personalized coaching program

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Jessica Schmidt
Biological Engineering
Company: Sarentis Therapeutics
Location: Manhattan, NY

Sarentis Ophthalmic is an early stage incubator, formerly Bombyx. Sarentis has the first regenerative bandage for the eye that absorbs, dissolves and rapidly heals wounds

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