2010 Kessler Fellows

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Harsh ChamriaHarsh Chamria
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Company: Bling Nation
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Mentor Comments 

Bling Nation provides a highly secure mobile payment service that connects businesses and customers with their financial institutions.

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Kat IngallsKat Ingalls
Mechanical Engineering
Company: Lumium Innovations
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
Mentor Comments


Lumium is a creative consulting firm that delivers “Vertical Integration;” excellent experiences in research, strategy, design and engineering helping realize innovations, products, services and experiences in a timely fashion.

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Rashaan KeetonRashaan Keeton
Chemical Engineereing
Company: e2e Materials
Location: Ithaca, NY
Mentor Comments 

e2e Materials produces petroleum-free, biodegradable composites that are stronger, lighter and cheaper than composites filling landfills today.

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Peter KrullPeter Krull 
Chemical Engineering
Company: MC10, Inc.
Locations: Cambridge, MA
Mentor Comments 

MC10's Conformal Electronics Platform enhances and enables new applications by allowing high performance electronics to occupy spaces and geometries not possible in their traditional, rigid form.

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Alvin KumargaAlvin Kumarga
Chemical Engineering
Company: Hybrid Silica Tech
Location: Ithaca, NY
Mentor Comments 

Hybrid Silica Technologies develops nano-structured silica materials, with a current emphasis on fluorescent core-shell nanoparticles for imaging, diagnostics and electronics usage.

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Josh MoskovitzJosh Moskovitz
Operations Research and Engineering
Company: Readyforce
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Mentor Comments 

An early-stage start-up developing applications to support a virtual marketplace for on-demand labor.

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Victor PoieszVictor Poiesz
Materials Science and Engineering
Company: Cambrios
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Mentor Comments 

Cambrios is currently focused on the development of electronic materials for the display industry using proprietary nanostructured materials.

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Adrian RadoceaAdrian Radocea
Materials Science and Engineering
Company: Zyvex
Location: Richardson, TX
Mentor Comments

Zyvex has the goal of developing and commercializing Atomically Precise Manufacturing technology — ultimately building products with atomic precision.

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Sarah SpragueSarah Sprague
Information Science, Systems and Technology
Company: Nimbit
Location: Framingham, MA
Mentor Comments 

Nimbit is a direct-to-fan music solution, giving artists the ability to  market and sell their music and products (digital and physical) directly to fans, wherever they are.

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Adam WoodwardAdam Woodward
Chemical Engineering
Company: Excellatron
Location: Atlanta, GA
Mentor Comments 

Excellatron Solid State is introducing innovative and enabling energy storage technology.

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