AP and Transfer Credit

Many students come to Cornell with advanced placement (AP) credit for courses taken in high school. AP credit is awarded when a student shows competence in a subject by doing well on the official AP exam. Students who complete an International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level examinations or GCE A-level exams may also receive credit.

AP Credit/IB Credit/ GCE A-Level Credit Table
RequirementsAP ExamsGCE A -LevelIB Higher Level
MATH 1910 required 4 or 5 on BCA, B, C on Math or Pure Math examsNo credit*
PHYSICS 1112 required5, on mechanics portion of C; no AP credit will be awarded for PHYS I or PHYS II AP examsA or B6 or 7
PHYSICS 2213 required5 on electricity and magnetism portion of C  
PHYSICS 1112 & 2213  A or B plus credit for Math 1910
CHEM 2090** required5B6 or 7
CHEM 2090 & 2080 A 
CS 11105 on A; no credit will be given for CS Principles 6 or 7
4 credits4 6
8 credits5A or B7
First-Year Writing Seminars (two required)   
One seminar5 (English)***A7

* Students are encouraged to take the Cornell Advanced Standing Exams (CASE) during Orientation.
** Students who obtain AP credit for CHEM 2090, and are thinking of majoring in ChemE or MSE, should consider enrolling in CHEM 2150. Those who are offered credit for CHEM 2090 and then elect to take CHEM 2150 will also receive academic credit for CHEM 2090. You may want to discuss this option with your faculty advisor.
*** Students receiving a 4 on the CEEB AP English Literature and Composition exam or the CEEB AP English Language and Composition exam, a 6 on the IB Higher Level English exam, or a B on the GCE A-level English exam will be eligible for 3 credits, which may be applied towards the Literature and the Arts category in the liberal studies distribution requirement.

Additionally, some students have taken courses at an accredited college that are similar to courses offered here. Transfer credit is awarded for a course has been satisfactorily completed at another college and that has not been used to meet high school graduation requirements.

You can request that completed AP or transfer credit be applied toward your Cornell engineering degree. The Engineering Registrar’s Office will ensure that the appropriate notations are added to the transcript and that the student’s official record reflects any credit awarded.

How to post AP credit to your transcript:

  • Arrange for the College Board to send Cornell University your official score reports. Cornell University’s college code is 2098.
  • The Engineering Registrar will review your reports and award the appropriate credit for your scores.
  • Credit will then be added to your official record and transcript. To check whether you have received credit, visit Student Center.

How to post transfer credit to your transcript:

  • Ask that official transcripts for all courses you wish to transfer be mailed to the Engineering Registrar’s Office.
  • If credit is awarded, the Engineering Registrar’s Office will officially note the credit award on your transcript.
  • To check whether you have received credit, visit Student Center.

For additional information, see the University's AP and Test Credit page at Advanced Placement - Cornell University, or go to the AP Credit Table in the Engineering Handbook.

If you have questions or concerns about having either AP or transfer credit added to your official Cornell engineering record, just drop by the Engineering Registrar’s Office in 158 Olin Hall or contact us by mail, phone, or e-mail.