Peer and Team Coaching Essentials

Would you like to motivate your project team, sub-team, student org, or teammates to perform at their most excellent? 

Do you want to create an open and inclusive environment where everyone feels free to talk about what works and what doesn't, and gets down to business?

Learn to coach your teams and teammates and help them bring out their best. Peer and Team Coaching Essentials will give you the tools to help your team listen, provide feedback, organize discussions, set goals, and manage conflict. Coaching skills are considered essential for managers and leaders in every industry because they lead to improved performance, team cohesion, motivation, and increased retention. You are in a perfect position to apply these skills in a practical setting here at Cornell, and they will serve you well into your career.

Effective coaching requires empathy, curiosity, and objectivity to help others understand and solve their own problems. It requires us to be there completely for another person, whether that be our friends, co-workers, teammates, or ourselves.

This class consists of weekly experiential learning activities on coaching concepts and techniques with an emphasis on situations engineers are most likely to encounter in their professional and personal lives.

Peer and Team Coaching Essentials (ENGRP 3830) begins Spring 2021

Look for it when the Spring Roster is viewable.

7 weeks, February 9 to March 23, 2021
2 Credits
Online only
T: 2:55PM – 4:10PM

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