Cornell Engineering Student Project Teams - Freshmen Recruiting Fall 2020

Joining an Engineering Student Project Team offers new students the opportunity to become part of a diverse, collaborative, and engaging community of students from across Cornell. Due to the unique nature of the fall 2020 semester, project teams will follow a modified fall recruiting cycle for freshmen, outlined below. This will allow first-year students the chance to explore teams as well as various other opportunities across campus while settling into classes and adjusting to our “new normal”.


Please note that not all teams will recruit freshmen this fall. Teams may decide to seek new team members in the spring, or only add upper-class students this year. The schedule outlined below represents the EARLIEST dates that freshmen can apply for and be added to current teams this fall.


October 4                  Virtual Project Team Fest

Visit with representatives of Cornell Engineering Student Project Teams to learn about their projects, what makes them unique, and opportunities to join.

Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020


Click HERE for the team listings and Zoom schedule


October 18                Applications Due

See individual team websites (linked from the main Project Teams website) for application information. Project Teams may begin reviewing freshman applications after this date.


Oct. 19 – Nov. 1         Application Review & Interviews

Project Teams will use this period to review applications and conduct interviews with applicants.


November 2               Uniform “First Offer” Date

This is the earliest that Project Teams can invite freshmen to join their team. Applicants must be allowed at least 48 hours to respond with a decision.


Nov. 30 – Dec. 16       Optional On-Boarding

Project Teams may offer virtual introductory activities during this time. Project Team Administration may be able to offer virtual safety training during this time. All activities during this window will be optional.


Spring 2021               Freshmen join teams for mentoring, training, etc.

Freshmen will be able to participate in project team activities during spring semester. Both virtual and in-person work will be available, depending on the team. Freshmen will be able to register for 1-3 credits, with a 5-week add deadline of around March 16.



Lauren Stulgis, Swanson Director of Student Project Teams │, 607-255-6366