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Cornell Engineering

At Cornell Engineering we are learning to change the world. Here, great science and an exceptional academic program are not enough. We aspire to make discoveries and educate leaders who will have a lasting impact. We are problem finders, not just problems solvers. 

We are a surprising, eclectic, and visionary group with a broad range of experiences and interests that compel us to tackle pressing problems from many angles. Cornell Engineering students think their way over, under, around, and through problems, with a tenacious and entrepreneurial spirit, to make the world a better place. They do it with world-class faculty at their back, fanning the spark of discovery and innovation.

Recent News

Dean Collins talks about Earth Source Heat

College of Engineering Dean Lance Collins outlines "Earth Source Heat," a project that has the...

Cornell team to create tool that detects molecules in cosmos

To find the detailed building blocks of life in the cosmos, a new instrument will be placed on...

Undergrad travels to Europe for summer research experience

Adam Berry '18, a chemical and biomolecular engineering major, traveled to Germany over the summer...