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At parched delta, prologue of ecological tale begins

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Where once the Colorado River flowed with 5 trillion gallons of water into its verdant delta at the...

Cracker-sized satellites launch into orbit

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After years of planning and several last-minute delays, about 100 Cornell-developed mini satellites...

Engineering students prep for canoe, bridge contests

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Fourteen schools will visit Ithaca April 24-26 for the 2014 American Society of Civil Engineers...

Roseanna N. Zia wins young investigator award

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Roseanna N. Zia, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, is among this year’s...

Cornell's chemically engineered cars win again

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Cornell engineering students won the Northeast Regional Chem-E-Car competition with model cars...

Cornell Engineering

At Cornell Engineering we are learning to change the world. Here, great science and an exceptional academic program are not enough. We aspire to make discoveries and educate leaders who will have a lasting impact. We are problem finders, not just problems solvers. 

We are a surprising, eclectic, and visionary group with a broad range of experiences and interests that compel us to tackle pressing problems from many angles. Cornell Engineering students think their way over, under, around, and through problems, with a tenacious and entrepreneurial spirit, to make the world a better place. They do it with world-class faculty at their back, fanning the spark of discovery and innovation.


Latest Spotlights

Damian Helbling

If you ask Damian Helbling, one of CEE’s newest faculty members, which books had the most significant impact on his academic interests, he’ll list three...

Teams celebrate Robotics Week

Cornell's autonomous submarine and aircraft teams helped the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum celebrate National Robotics Week April 4 and 5.

The next frontier in 3-D printing: Human organs

CNN: The emerging process of 3-D printing, which uses computer-created digital models to create real-world objects, has produced everything from toys to jewelry to food.