I am a Cornell Engineer

Read what our students say about their passions, their experiences, and why they chose to become Cornell Engineers.

Engineering student Rami

Engineering is not as hard as you think. You are smart enough and you belong here. There will be people telling you different things along your journey, but at the end of the day, you know your worth. Show them.

~Rami, computer science

Olivia, an engineering student

My fellow classmates have demonstrated that engineers are not defined by stereotypes, especially at Cornell. My peers include some of the most social, athletic, artistic and diverse people that I know.

~Olivia, chemical and biomolecular engineering

Francis, an engineering student

From the products they create to the problems they solve to the ideas they generate, engineers will leave a lasting impact on the world well beyond their years.

~ Francis, electrical and computer engineering

Engineering student Charu

I chose Cornell Engineering because of the people that I met here on campus. The students are very kind and are willing to help with anything. The environment is one that fosters collaboration yet challenges you to push your limits and succeed. Cornell Engineering also gives you a lot of freedom to explore what you want to study and take courses outside of your college that still count for requirements but are completely different from your major. As someone who came into Cornell indecisive about what they wanted to study, Cornell engineering provided a lot of guidance to help me find my path.

~Charu, computer science

Cornell Engineering student Elias

The opportunities here are never-ending. It's been so great to be able to be a full-time engineering student on a project team, and still have time to play music and socialize without having to sacrifice.

~Elias, operations research and engineering

Engineering student Clara

I love how there was a mutual feeling between all the engineering students that we are all in this together and we are going to help one another get through it and succeed.

~Clara, materials science and engineering

Avi, an engineering student

I met some of my closest friends during freshman year by working with other students on homework and projects.

~Avi, operations research and engineering

Michelle, an engineering student

As an engineer, some of the best partnerships I’ve formed have been with people who are not afraid to have a different approach to solving problems and think beyond the “one right answer” complex. You have to be brave and challenge yourself to be uncomfortable in order to grow.

~Michelle, electrical and computer engineering

Cornell Engineering student Glenn

From my experience at Cornell, I realized how different every student is from each other and I have learned to take advantage of that. I have learned and will continue to learn so much simply through the diverse life stories of my peers and advisors. 

~ Glenn, computer science

Emily, an engineering student

I have never been surrounded by so many unique and amazing people. People at Cornell are amazingly talented in different facets. They all have a reason why they are here, and I feel like I have learned just as much from the students as I have from the professors.

~Emily, information science, systems and technology

Graham, an engineering student

Colleges always say that faculty are accessible, but I was surprised to see Cornell faculty often initiate discussions outside of class time. Professors will stop and ask me how my classes are going if I see them around, often they'll drop into the underground lounge to see if anyone has questions.

~Graham, engineering physics

Madeline, an engineering student

Within my major, I met many of my best friends through our first mechanical engineering course in the spring semester of our first year. We became so close through completing dozens of problem sets together over the last three years. The Society of Women Engineers has also provided me with an empowering and loving group of women whom I've become very close with.

~Madeline, mechanical engineering

Justin, an engineering student

I want to live in a world where engineering will create for everyone.

~Justin, computer science

Amanda, an engineering student

During a visit to Cornell, I got the opportunity to interact with many professors and students and I realized that Cornell Engineering is filled with people that are truly passionate about what they do. This passion comes across in their research, project teams and extracurriculars where students really go above and beyond what is necessary to pursue their passions. This is why I chose Cornell.

~Amanda, materials science and engineering

Kenny, an engineering student

Cornell’s classes taught me the “first principles” of mechanical engineering, but Baja Racing is what has taught me how to utilize them to bring parts from design to reality.  The project team and academic experience at Cornell is truly a unique melding of theory, application, and competition that has defined me as an engineer. It was this combination of first principles knowledge and hands-on experience that has given me the opportunity to do a work Co-op designing some of America’s next generation of spacecraft. I knew that attending Cornell would offer me amazing work opportunities, but I never could have dreamed that parts I designed would be flying above the Karmen Line by the time I walk down the graduation aisle.

~Kenny, mechanical engineering

Samantha, an engineering student

I came from little to no technical experience. One day, I just decide to give engineering a try. I use my curiosity and passion to guide my learning and gain the technical experience to support my vision. You can do it too. You just have to believe in yourself.

~Samantha, biomedical engineering

Navin, an engineering student

My favorite class of all time: Data Structures and Functional Programming (CS 3110), a course with a title that sounds profoundly boring but with content and teaching staff that really changed me as a programmer and engineer. What made this course special was the attention to detail to make every lecture, assignment and interaction as practical as possible, knowing that the end goal isn’t to read textbooks faster but to make highly interesting, relevant code that we all are proud of. While I could go on and on about the technical aspects that make this course so interesting, it was the fact that everyone on the course staff, especially the professor, deeply cared about the student’s well-being and wanted us to succeed both in this class and in life.

~Navin, computer science

Veronica, an engineering student

The greatest support system I have found at Cornell is that within my major. The chemical engineering (ChemE) department is relatively small, and I have made some of my best friends through the program. All of the ChemEs in my year have a fun group chat where we post memes and organize study groups. Everyone is so open to collaboration, and some of my best nights at Cornell have been spent getting bubble tea after exams with my ChemE pals.

~Veronica, chemical engineering