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Huili Grace Xing

Huili Grace Xing elevated to IEEE Fellow

The IEEE Board of Directors has named Professor Huili Grace Xing an IEEE Fellow, recognized for contributions to GaN high-electron-mobility transistors. Xing is the William L. Quackenbush Professor of Engineering and Associate Dean on Research and Graduate Studies. Xing’s research is focused on fundamental work toward next generation electronic materials and devices. “We are currently engaged in doping science in polar semiconductors, ultrawide bandgap semiconductors for energy-efficient and agile power electronics, deep UV light emitters, quantum materials and technologies for secure... Read more

Student-built CubeSats to rendezvous in space

The Cornell Space Systems Design Studio is preparing to launch a pair of low-cost, modular satellites into low Earth orbit, where they will drift apart by up to 30 kilometers and then, using custom software, locate each other’s position, fire their thrusters and dock together. Read more

Faculty build network of community-engaged teachers, scholars

From teaching food science at the Ithaca Farmers Market to researching how youth feel about their race and ethnicity, this year’s Engaged Faculty Fellows are demonstrating the range of work that’s possible through community-engaged learning and research. The 2021-22 cohorts include 15 faculty from eight Cornell schools and colleges. Read more