January '22

David Wajc

ORIE Special Seminar: David Wajc (Stanford)

Matching in Evolving Environments A pervasive challenge in modern computing is one of uncertainty: how should we optimize over continuously-evolving user-generated data, promptly, despite uncertainty... Read more

Jose Correa

ORIE Seminar: José Correa (Universidad de Chile)

Multidimensional Apportionment Deciding how to allocate the seats of a house of representatives is one of the most fundamental problems in the political organization of societies, and has been widely... Read more

ORIE Special Seminar: Jason Altschuler (MIT)

Transport and beyond: efficient optimization over probability distributions The core of classical optimization focuses on the setting where decision variables are vectors in R^d. However, modern... Read more

BME7900 Seminar Series - David Mooney, PhD


We start off our Spring semester seminar series with Dr. David Mooney from Harvard. He is the Pinkas Family Professor of Bioengineering. Biomaterials to Enhance T Cell Cancer Therapies Abstract: T... Read more

February '22

BME7900 Seminar Series - Amanda Lund, PhD


We welcome our next speaker, Dr. Amanda Lund from New York University. She is an Associate Professor in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology and Department of Pathology. Investigating the... Read more