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Berit Goodge in her lab

Ph.D. Spotlight: Berit Goodge

When Berit Goodge came to Cornell to earn her Ph.D. in the School of Applied and Engineering Physics (AEP), she was simply following the roadmap she’d laid out in 4th grade. “I was a pretty precocious...

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BME Professor James Antaki

Welcome James Antaki ( 2018 )

When James Antaki was 11 years old, his brother brought home an antique radio and promptly put it in the basement of their house. Antaki studied that radio and then vowed he would one day get it to...

  • BME
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Anglea Zhou

Ph.D. Profile: Angela Zhou

Angela Zhou is a doctoral student at Cornell’s School of Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE). She is based in New York City and works with her advisor, Assistant Professor Nathan...

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Mahsa Shoaran, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Welcome to Mahsa Shoaran ( 2017 )

Mahsa Shoaran was born into a family of medical doctors. Through most of her early schooling, she believed she was on that same path toward an M.D. degree. But then came higher level math and physics...

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