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Cornell Engineering’s leadership in research is evident through its current roster of world-class faculty and researchers, as well as its many centers and facilities.  

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Did you know?

In 1946, all incoming College freshmen were required to enroll in a five-year engineering degree program. Former Dean S.C. Hollister (1937-1959) said implementing this five-year program was his “crowning achievement” for the College.

CEE Professor Philip Li-Fan Liu pioneered the development of physically based mathematical models and efficient computational procedures that produce accurate predictions of wave fields over complex bathymetry as well as in the vicinity of coastal structures.

In 2013, late Prof. Ephrahim Garcia , and his graduate student Michael W. Shafer (Mechanical Engineering, M.S., 2012; Ph.D., 2013) invented a “bird backpack” weighing less than 12 grams. The devices are self-powered and provide a way to collect data from migrating birds without having to recharge batteries or weigh the bird down.

A Cornell cancer research team, led by associate professor Cynthia Reinhart-King, invented a new approach to screening the most dangerous cancer cells by creating a microfluidic device that isolates only the most aggressive, metastatic cancer cells.

The namesake of the Pew Engineering Quad, Joseph N. Pew, Jr. (Mechanical Engineering, B.S., 1908) and later Vice President of Sun Oil Company developed, in 1926, a gyroscopic instrument with a high-speed camera and timing device for preventing the drilling of crooked holes in oil wells. He also founded Pew Charitable Trusts in 1948-independent nonprofit committed to improving public policy, informing the public on issues and invigorating civic life by encouraging democratic participation and strong communities.