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Summer Research Opportunities

Each summer, Cornell Engineers conduct research around the world. The College of Engineering offers undergraduate research opportunities at Cornell’s Ithaca campus, Cornell Tech in NYC, and with our international partners the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Students also pursue research opportunities offered by other academic institutions and industries both nationally and internationally.

Tips for Applying to Paid Summer Research Opportunities

It can help to plan ahead when considering summer research opportunities. Kindly find a list of helpful tips below to guide you when preparing for research over the summer. 

  • Use winter break to search for and complete your applications. Once the semester starts you’ll be even busier – get it done early!
  • Plan on applying to multiple positions.
  • Broaden your search. Summer is a fantastic time to try something different or have research experiences that are not available at Cornell. Don’t limit yourself! Experience life at a company, non-profit, government agency (federal or state), hospital, or other place away from campus. Research is everywhere!
  • Many applications require either references or letters of recommendation. When you need a letter, you should give recommenders at least four weeks to write the letter. Ask early. It’s ok to ask the same person to write letters or be a reference for several opportunities – just be organized in how and when you share the list of locations.
  • Visit the Engineering Career Center and Cornell Career Services. They can support you as you create your application materials and seek positions beyond Cornell.

Summer Research at Cornell’s Ithaca Campus

Spend the summer in Ithaca conducting research with the world-renowned scientists at Cornell. If you are already in a research group, you can extend that experience throughout the summer. If you would like to get started in research this summer, read more about finding research opportunities at Cornell. The Engineering Learning Initiative Undergraduate Grants Program offers financial support for salary and research expenses over the summer or during the academic year. 

Summer Research at Cornell Tech

Engineering undergraduates may apply through ELI’s undergraduate research grant program to engage in research with faculty members at the Cornell Tech campus. Students may explore faculty members and research areas at the Cornell Tech Summer Research page. These faculty at Cornell Tech have potential projects available for Summer 2024 and interested students should contact them directly:

Cornell College of Engineering Supported International Research Experience

The Einaudi Center for International Studies, the Office of Global Learning, and College of Engineering are thrilled to promote international engineering summer research opportunities via the Global Internship. Applications open in November and close in January or February. Check the program websites for application deadlines.



If you are accepted to one or more of the programs above, you are eligible to apply to the following grants to support your experience. You can receive funding from all three sources. 

Off-campus Opportunities

Academic institutions and industries offer a wide range summer research programs in engineering. You can find opportunities using databases that encompass diverse fields  and repositories that are targeted to specific fields.