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About DPE

Diversity Programs in Engineering (DPE) offers a comprehensive portfolio of programs at the pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, and faculty levels. These programs facilitate the recruitment, development, retention, and success of all members of the engineering community with a concentration on those from backgrounds historically underserved and underrepresented in engineering. 

DPE collaboratively works with university and external partners on initiatives enhancing equity for our community in terms of: ethnicity, race, sex, gender, orientation, identity, first generation status, socioeconomic class, and veteran status. To achieve our goals, we employ a systemic approach based upon core principles (composition, engagement, inclusion, and achievement) to meet students’ needs.

Our Mission

Diversity Programs in Engineering's mission is to:

  • Impact positive cultural change by implementing research-based best practices to advance diversity and inclusion within engineering.
  • Collaborate with partners to advance the inclusion, engagement, and achievement of our diverse students, faculty, and staff.
  • Inspire and challenge each other, as well as our community, to commit to broadening participation in engineering.

Impact by the Numbers

Impact assessment is vital. It provides visibility of outcomes as well as improves and advances efforts for a more diverse and inclusive environment. DPE measures outcomes based upon four core principles: composition, engagement, inclusion, and achievement. These core principals align with the University's diversity and inclusion framework, "Belonging at Cornell". Belonging at Cornell includes climate metrics with represent sense of belonging, fair treatment, and satisfaction of faculty, students, and staff.

The Diversity Dashboard is a resource and tool which offers a snapshot of Cornell and Cornell Engineering's outcomes in the four core areas: