New Faculty Profiles

Each year Cornell Engineering brings to campus the best and brightest minds in Engineering researchers and educators. Here are some of our new faculty!

Cheng Zhang, assistant professor of Information Science at Cornell

Welcome Cheng Zhang ( 2018 )

Even after earning his undergraduate degree in software engineering from Nankai University, Cheng Zhang did not think he would ever go on to be a professor anywhere. Instead, he viewed his computer...

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CBE Professor Nicholas Abbott

Welcome Nicholas Abbott ( 2018 )

When Nicholas Abbott was finishing up his undergraduate chemical engineering degree at Adelaide University in Australia, he knew he wanted to go abroad for his graduate studies. “At that time,” says...

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MAE professor Zhiting Tian

Welcome Zhiting Tian ( 2018 )

Zhiting Tian has joined the faculty of Cornell’s Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering as the Eugene A. Leinroth Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow. Tian specializes in nanoscale thermal...

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Rene Kizilcec has joined the faculty of the Information Science Department at Cornell

Welcome Rene Kizilcec ( 2018 )

While Rene Kizilcec was earning his undergraduate degree in philosophy and economics from University College London (UCL) he made a living creating websites for e-commerce customers. “The more sites I...

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Computer Science professor Eshan Chattopadhyay

Welcome Eshan Chattopadhyay ( 2018 )

Eshan Chattopadhyay joined the faculty of Cornell’s Computer Science Department in July 2018. Chattopadhyay received his undergraduate Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science from the Indian...

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BME Professor James Antaki

Welcome James Antaki ( 2018 )

When James Antaki was 11 years old, his brother brought home an antique radio and promptly put it in the basement of their house. Antaki studied that radio and then vowed he would one day get it to...

  • BME
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Mahsa Shoaran, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Welcome to Mahsa Shoaran ( 2017 )

Mahsa Shoaran was born into a family of medical doctors. Through most of her early schooling, she believed she was on that same path toward an M.D. degree. But then came higher level math and physics...

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ORIE Professor of Practice Brenda Dietrich

Welcome Brenda Dietrich ( 2018 )

Brenda Dietrich has joined the faculty of the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) at Cornell as the Arthur and Helen Geoffrion Professor of Practice. Dietrich comes to...

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Nikolaos Bouklas, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in Cornell's Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Welcome Nikolaos Bouklas ( 2018 )

Nikolaos Bouklas has joined the faculty of the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell. Bouklas most recently held a post-doctoral researcher position at the Institute of...

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Assistant Professor Mahdi Esmaily, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Welcome Mahdi Esmaily ( 2018 )

There were signs early in Mahdi Esmaily’s life that he might end up a mechanical engineer. Growing up in Tehran, Iran, Esmaily’s neighborhood often had buildings under construction. “It was always fun...

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