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MSE M.Eng. alumni Ryan Prager

Meet Ryan Prager

(This story is Part 2 in a series featuring MSE M.Eng. students and the projects they worked on.) Some students with a four-year undergraduate degree in materials science decide to jump right into the... Read more

students in classroom working in a group

Active Learning and the Modern TA

The role of teaching assistants is no longer limited to basic classroom and lab administration such as answering questions and grading assignments. Today’s TAs are responsible for the ambitious task of creating a positive sense of community where students feel comfortable and ready to learn. Read more

students waiting in line to be tested for COVID-19

Containing COVID-19 at Cornell

Whether or not to bring tens-of-thousands of faculty and students back to campus amid a deadly pandemic was a decision that could not be left to sheer judgement. It needed data science. Read more

Systems Engineering Ph.D. student Patrick Kastner

Meet Patrick Kastner

Patrick Kastner did not come to Ithaca intending to earn a Ph.D. at Cornell. When he arrived in September 2017 it was as a Visiting Scientist in the lab of Assistant Professor Timur Dogan of the... Read more