Two Professional Organizations Award Fellowships to Emeritus Professor Dr. Zygmunt Haas

Dr. Zygmunt Haas, emeritus professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been awarded two prestigious fellowship appointments.

Dr. Haas is one of 28 engineering professionals selected as a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), a professional organization dedicated to raising the profile and understanding of engineering to society. IET supports various aspects of multidisciplinary professional engineering and speaks for the engineering profession on matters of public concern, while assisting governments to make the public aware of engineering and technological issues.

As an IET Fellow, Dr. Haas plays an essential role in fulfilling the organization’s mission to inspire current and future engineers, and influence the direction of the engineering profession.

Additionally, Dr. Haas has been selected as an European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) Fellow, awarded to individuals with extraordinary accomplishments in their respective technical areas, and with a record of outstanding service to the EAI Community. The EAI empowers global research and innovation, promoting cooperation between European and International ICT communities around the globe with a mission to create environments for improving research and to transform the best ideas into commercial value propositions through community cooperation.

In this inaugural year of awarding EAI Fellowships, Dr. Haas joins a select group of 167 EAI members from 23 countries across five continents who have demonstrated excellence in the general areas of Smart Society, Smart Cities, and Smart Health, and whose efforts in the EAI Community have had significant global impact.

Learn more about Dr. Haas at the ECE website.

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