Jonathan Perrier, M.Eng. Student

jonathan perrier


Hometown: Dix Hills, NY
BME Degree: Masters of Engineering

jonathan perrier
Jonathan Perrier with device in the BME Design Lab

Why Cornell?
I chose Cornell because of the alumni. I have friends and family who told me of their fulfilling experiences within the university, and how these blossomed into incredibly rewarding careers. On top of this, I fell in love with Cornell’s campus and saw this as a place where I could feel at home.

Why biomedical engineering?
I was always passionate about creating the future of medicine and health. To me BME is a methodological and practical method for designing innovative tech. I saw BME as a way to convert biology and chemistry theories into real-world solutions.

What is your concentration/area of focus and why is it important?
My team and I are designing an innovative drug delivery device to prevent blood clots in hospitalized patients. The device is an alternative to standard needle injections, allowing for better treatment and far less frequent clotting. Ultimately this leads to better recovery, less time spent in hospitals, and significantly lower hospital/medical expenses for patients and the healthcare system.

What stands out to you about your Cornell BME experience so far and why?
My favorite class at Cornell so far has been Engineering the Microbiome, where we studied methods for researching the microbiome. This was a new concept to me and my curiosity was piqued by the diseases that could be correlated to microbiome dysfunctions.

Any interests outside of or in relationship to your scholarship? 
Outside of class you can find me relaxing while playing cards, monopoly, or pool.

heparin device in hand
prototype drug delivery device

What advice might you give other students considering Cornell or BME? 
Try to develop some focus or concentration quickly, whether that’s before entering or shortly after entering. There are resources and people for guidance everywhere, and to best use them you need to come prepared with the right questions.

What’s the next step for you?
I am currently looking for jobs with early stage medical devices. My experiences in my design project have led me down this path because I felt fulfilled designing an early stage device and drafting the plans to bring it to fruition.

Favorite quote that helps inspire you in your work/life?
“Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.”
~ Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgyi (Nobel prize winner in Physiology or Medicine 1937)

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