Nicole Wiles: MSE Ph.D. & Winner of P&G Best Poster Award

Nicole Wiles headshot

Nicole Wiles is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and obtained her B.A. in Physics and Mathematics from Coe College. At Cornell, she works in Professor Baker’s group. Her PhD research focuses on plastic deformation in silicate glasses, particularly the family of glasses used in displays for smart devices. Plasticity in metallic glasses has become reasonably well understood in the last few decades, however plasticity in oxide glasses is not understood despite oxide glass’ prevalence in our lives for many millennia.

Nicole’s research focuses on the atomic mechanisms of plasticity through the use of experimental techniques like indentation in conjunction with Raman spectroscopy and computational techniques like molecular dynamics. She hopes to contribute to the fundamental understanding of the atomic mechanisms of plasticity in glasses and to understand the unexplored connection between the stress state of glasses under loading and their resulting plastic deformation.

Outside of the lab, Nicole does ballet and enjoys quilting in addition to maintaining and racing classic BMWs.

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