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Careers in Industry and Government

A successful job search involves using a variety of resources. Cornell Engineering students secure positions by participating in on-campus recruiting (OCR) activities, applying for opportunities posted in Handshake and on company websites, and networking with employers, alumni, and people in their field of interest. 

Before applying for opportunities, use the Applications & Interviews Workbook to determine what you need and want in a position, identify what sets you apart from other candidates, and understand why you would be a great fit for an organization.  

Research & Identify Employers of Interest

Once you have an understanding of the types of industries, organizations, and positions you wish to target, use the resources below to conduct further research and identify additional employers in your field of interest.


Buzzfile provides detailed company information for millions of U.S. businesses. Search for companies based on your discipline and further narrow down your search by geographic location. 

Mergent Intellect

Mergent Intellect provides comprehensive company profiles which include company description, history, products, and financials. You can also search by industry (e.g. health care, manufacturing, finance, transportation, etc.) to identify top companies. 

Post Graduate Reports

PhD Alumni Career Outcomes Survey Dashboard provides a cross-sectional view of the employment status and career-related perception of Cornell's doctoral alumni from degree years 1995-2014. The dashboard is created via the Graduate School. To learn more about the survey, please click here.  

Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST)

The mission of the BEST program is to enhance training opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to prepare for careers beyond conventional academic research. Their website provides information on careers in policy, industry, communication, and governance. 

CU Grad Careers Beyond Academia Newsletter

Subscribe to the Cornell Career Services bi-weekly e-newsletter for career related information and job opportunities for Cornell graduate students exploring or pursuing careers beyond academia. Co-sponsored by the Graduate School. 

Biotech Careers

Interested in a career in biotech? Use the resources on the biotech careers site to learn about job areas within biotech (e.g. biofuels, biomanufacturing, biomaterials, cell culture, medical devices, medical diagnostics); view biotech employers in specific states, the US, or the world; learn biotech terms; and hear from people who work in biotech companies.

Search & Apply for Opportunities 

Ready to apply for jobs? Use the resources below to review position descriptions and instructions on how to submit applications. 

Handshake (Cornell University's jobs database)

Search and apply for positions in Handshake posted by employers seeking Cornell talent. 

Pathways to Science

Search Postdoc opportunities in STEM. 

Environmental Career Opportunities (ECO)

ECO jobs provides access to intern and full-time opportunities in a number of environmental fields, including renewable energy, natural resources & conservation, environmental law & policy, and more. Select the ECO jobs link to view instructions on how to log in using Cornell's account information.  

Employer Websites

Not all employers participate in Cornell's On-Campus Recruiting program and/or post positions in Cornell's Handshake database. If you are interested in an employer and they do not recruit at Cornell, visit their website and search for opportunities on their careers or jobs page. Refer to the "Networking" section of the Engineering Career Services website to learn tips for connecting with individuals at your companies of interest.

Resources for International Students

Subscribe to CU INTL Career for career-related information and job opportunities in and outside the U.S. for Cornell international students.