Condensed Matter Student Seminar Series



Clark Hall 701


Title: Population and Phase Dynamics of Three-Magnon Scattering
Abstract: Magnons—the quanta of collective spin excitations—are being actively investigated due to their potential in ​neuromorphic and wave-based computing, as well as other technologies. Furthermore, the very long (~1 us) lifetimes of magnons causes them to be an ideal testbed for nonlinear wave dynamics such as solitons, auto-oscillations, and chaotic behavior. Three-magnon scattering, when allowed, is the leading-order nonlinear process—however, a  comprehensive examination of how this scattering process evolves in the time domain has been missing. Such an examination was a major focus of my Ph.D. research and, in this talk, I will discuss my findings regarding the magnons' population dynamics as well as their phase dynamics—the latter of which I found surprisingly corresponds to reversals between the "forward" and "backward" scattering process.