Energy Engineering Seminar: Fall 2022 - Eugene Nikiforovich




Energy Seminar Series, Fall 2022


(CHEME 5870, ECE 5870, BEE 5459, or MAE 5459)
Professors Lindsay Anderson, David Hammer, and Max Zhang
Thursdays, 12:25 - 1:15 pm, 165 Olin Hall

Are you interested in energy-related topics, such as how we will make our energy systems more sustainable, adapt them to a changing climate, whether fuel cells are nearing economic viability, how we might be producing electricity 50 years from now, and what some of the environmental consequences of energy use are, including the possibility of climate change?  Then consider spending one lunch hour per week during Fall 2022 listening to talks on these and other energy-related subjects at the Energy Seminar Series.  Seminar speakers will be Cornell faculty members from several departments as well as engineers and executives from industry and government.  Students from any department in Engineering or the Physical Sciences should find these talks understandable.

Students wishing to attend most or all of the weekly Energy Seminars are encouraged to register for ChemE 5870, ECE 5870, BEE 5459, or MAE 5459, 1 credit, S/U (or letter grade).  You will be asked to attend at least 9 (of 13) seminars and turn in 6 (of 13) brief summaries to receive a grade of S (or A).  The summaries should give your overall impression of the seminar content as well as of the speaker in a one-page prose essay.  Further information about the summaries and on requirements for a specific grade are given on the course Canvas website in the course information tab. 

For a complete list of seminar dates and speakers, please visit the Cornell Energy Systems Institute website.