April '24

CBE Spring Seminar Series Speaker: Jeffrey Urbach


The spatiotemporal dynamics of sheared dense suspensions: Does continuous shear thickening exist Dense suspensions often undergo dramatic shear thickening, where the apparent viscosity can increase by... Read more

CBE Spring Energy Seminar: Eugene Nikiforovich


Geothermal Energy Limit of Boreholes, Quantity and Quality of GE The paper deals with the comprehensive analysis of the quantity and quality of geothermal energy extracted by Ground Source Heat Pumps... Read more

MSE Seminar Series: Roel Tempelaar (Northwestern)

Bridging chiroptics and spintronics with strong light–matter coupling Chiroptics involves the preferential interaction of matter with light of a select circular polarization. Such polarization is a... Read more

BME7900 Seminar Series - Lan Luan, PhD


We next welcome Dr. Lan Luan from Rice Unviersity as our seminar speaker. Dr. Luan is an Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Ultraflexible Neural Electrodes for Bi-directional... Read more