Adam Wojciech Bojanczyk

Adam Wojciech Bojanczyk

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Frank H T Rhodes Hall, Room 335


Following completion of his doctorate in 1981, Bojanczyk was appointed to the faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Warsaw, Poland. In 1983-85 he was a postdoctoral fellow with the Center for Mathematical Analysis at the Australian National University in Canberra. Bojanczyk came to the United States in 1986 and taught at Washington University in St. Louis for a year. In 1987 he joined the electrical engineering faculty at Cornell, where he is also associated with the Center for Applied Mathematics.

Research Interests

Our research is concentrated on the design of high performance algorithms and architectures for signal processing. One activity centers around algorithm design for blind channel order estimation. Another problem under consideration is approximate compression of multidimensional tensor data. Finally, parallelization of the optimal power flow algorithms is being investigated.

Teaching Interests

Signal processing, Digital Design, Parallel processing

Selected Publications

  • Bojanczyk, Adam Wojciech, A. Lutoborski. 2013."Multilinear Algebra with Orthogonal Tensors".
  • Bojanczyk, Adam Wojciech, B. W. Suter. 2013."Using Clusters of Moving Sensors to Estimate AOA from TDOA Measurements".
  • Bojanczyk, Adam Wojciech. 2010."Effective channel order estimation based on nullspace structure and exponential fit."IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing58(10): 5425-5430.
  • Sung, Tae Eung, Adam Wojciech Bojanczyk. 2010."Power Control and Relay Capacity for PLC-Embedded Cooperative Systems." Las Vegas, NV, United States January (1st Quarter/Winter) 12.
  • Sung, Tae Eung, Adam Wojciech Bojanczyk. 2009."Randomized Cooperative Precoding and Diversity Analysis over Doubly Selective Channels." Hong Kong, China. June 7.


  • MSc(Mathematics and Informatics),University of Warsaw,1975
  • Ph.D.(Informatics),University of Warsaw,1981