Antje Baeumner

Antje Baeumner

Biological and Environmental Engineering
Riley Robb, Room 318


My research interests focus on the field of biotechnology, with special emphasis on analytical biotechnology, whereas my teaching will cover selected aspects of the entire field of biotechnology. In analytical biotechnology, chemical and biological techniques are combined and integrated into innovatively engineered devices for the detection of hazardous biological and chemical substances in the environment, in food, and in medical diagnostics. I am developing electrochemical and optical biosensors, e.g., for the direct extra-laboratory detection of pathogenic microorganisms, pesticides and natural toxins. Molecular biological techniques are also involved in the development of these biosensors for the detection of pathogens such as Cryptosporidium parvum. Microfabrication techniques are currently used for the preparation of signal transducers, and microfluidic devices (┬ÁTAS, micro Total Analytical Systems) will play a major role in the development of novel biosensing systems that will not only serve as easy-to-use sensing devices but will also allow their incorporation into more complex automated systems.

Photo credit: Proels

Research Interests