Dexter C. Kozen

Dexter C. Kozen

Computer Science
Gates Hall, Room 436
Joseph Newton Pew Jr. Professor of Engineering


Dexter Kozen is the Joseph Newton Pew, Jr. Professor in Engineering at Cornell University. He received his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College in mathematics in 1974 and his Ph.D. from Cornell in computer science in 1977. After working as a member of the research staff at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center for several years, he returned to Ithaca to join the Cornell faculty in computer science in 1985. He is a recipient of the John G. Kemeny Prize in Computing and an IBM Outstanding Innovation Award, and is a former Guggenheim fellow and a fellow of the Association of Computing Machinery and American Association for the Advancement of Science. Kozen's research interests span a variety of topics on the boundary of computer science and mathematics: design and analysis of algorithms, computation complexity theory, complexity of decision problems in logic and algebra, and logics and semantics of programming languages. He is the author of over 150 research articles and four books.

Research Interests

Algorithms and complexity, especially complexity of decision problems in logic and algebra, logics and semantics of programming languages, computer security.

Teaching Interests

Theory of computation, programming languages and logics, functional and object-oriented programming and data structures, automata and computability.

Selected Publications

  • Kozen, Dexter, Kim G. Larsen, Mardare Radu, Panangaden Prakash. 2013."Stone duality for Markov processes."Proceedings of the 28th Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer (LICS 2013), June.
  • Kozen, Dexter. 2012."New.."Paper presented at Proc. 28th Conf. Math. Found. Programming Semantics (MFPS XXVIII), June.
  • Kozen, Dexter, Konstantinos Mamouras. 2013."Typed Kleene algebra with products and iteration theories".Computing and Information Science, Cornell University.
  • Jeannin, Jean-Baptiste, Dexter Kozen, Alexandra Silva. 2013."Language constructs for non-well-founded computation."Paper presented at 22nd European Symposium on Programming (ESOP 2013), Heidelberg
  • Jeannin, Jean-Baptiste, Dexter Kozen, Alexandra Silva. 2013."CoCaml: Programming with coinductive types."Proceedings of the International Conference on Functional Programming

Selected Awards and Honors

  • 2016 IEEE Computer Society W. Wallace McDowell Award2016
  • Citation from the journal Theoretical Computer Science for the second most cited paper of the decade 1975-19842015
  • EATCS Award, European Association for Theoretical Computer Science2015
  • Test of Time Award(IEEE Logic in Computer Science)2011
  • Fellow(American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS))2008


  • BA(Mathematics),Dartmouth College,1974
  • Ph D(Computer Science),Cornell University,1977
  • MS(Computer Science),Cornell University,1977