Juris Hartmanis

Juris Hartmanis

Emeritus Walter R. Read Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science


An Interview with Juris Hartmanis

Research Interests

Theory of Computing

Computational Complexity Theory

Selected Publications

“Separation of Complexity Classes”. Journal of the ACM, Fiftieth Anniversary Special Issue 50(1): 58–62 (January 2003).

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Grand Medal, Latvian Academy of Science, 2001.
  • CRA Distinguished Service Award, 2000.
  • Doctor of Science (honoris causa), University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1999.
  • B. Bolzano Gold Medal of the Academy of Science, Czech Republic, 1995.
  • Doctor of Science (honoris causa), University of Dortmund, Germany, 1995.
  • Turing Award Winner, 1993