On Campus Interviews

We provide currently enrolled Cornell students the opportunity to interview on campus for internships, co-ops, and entry-level positions.

If you wish to schedule an interview date on campus, please make your request using our online Interview Date Request.On-campus interviews typically occur September through early November and from late January through mid-March. Recruiting for Co-op students occurs in February for work terms that start in September. Reservations for On-campus events can be made starting in April of each year for the entire upcoming recruiting season.

We appreciate the investment you make to interview Cornell Engineers. Below is a guide to make the most of your On-Campus Recruiting visit.

Submit your Interview Date Request: Reserve your interview room(s) by completing an Interview Date Request. The request will require you to list three possible dates for your visit. Please review Cornell's recruiting calendar and student & employer deadlines associated with interview dates before submitting a request.

Types of Interview Schedules: You will be required to indicate the type of interview schedule you’d like to reserve when making your request. Please review the information below and make the selection that’s best for your organization.

  • Preselect: Specify an application period and a signup period. Primary and alternate student choices are selected by you after the application period. Primary candidates are allowed to sign up before alternate candidates.
  • Open: Specify an application period where if students meet the qualifications set for the interview they can select a slot. The students will be able to take a slot immediately after applying. This option is NOT a common one.
  • Room Only: A room will be reserved for your use, but the schedule will be managed by you outside of Handshake. When scheduling, please do not schedule interviews to being before 8:00 am or end after 4:30 pm. Carpenter Hall is a secure building; our floor locks for the day at 4:30 pm.

Your confirmation email will come from employerscheduling@cornell.edu; your next step is to add your job description(s) to your interview schedule on Handshake.

How to Add a Job to an Interview Schedule

Timeline: Please take note of the timeline listed in Handshake. If adjustments are needed, please let us know right away by emailing eng-recruiting@cornell.edu. A note about the Employer Deadline Date.

Interview times: Interviews take place between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.

For preselect interviews, please review the interview slots and let us know if you need to change the length or if other adjustments are needed. How to Mark an Interview Time Slot as “Unavailable”.

If you have made a “Room Only” reservation and plan to build your own schedule, you must not schedule students before 8:00 am or after 4:30 pm.

Make the most of your On-Campus recruiting visit: Work with a student organization to host an information session, tech talk, or pre-night. A pre-night info session is held the evening before your interview date and can serve as part of your interview process. During a pre-night, you may expand upon job requirements and distribute any necessary information prior to interviews. It also provides an opportunity to fill any gaps you may have on your schedule.


Interview Day Logistics

Learn how to best prepare for an On-Campus Interview visit.